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The Pet Gal is an Austin based professional sitting and dog walking company with a tremendous passion for the welfare and advocacy of animals at the local level. Founded in 2009, the company started with one client and today works with more than 2,000 happy clients supported by more than 30 pet sitters and walkers (known as “Pet Gals and Guys”). We offer a full line of services including Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Taxi, Wedding Pet Attendant, and Ranch Sitting for clients in the Greater Austin area, Colorado Springs, and Kailua-Kona. When our clients are away from their pet, our want for them to go guilt-free, knowing their pet is being taken care of like they are at home.


We believe you love your pets as much as we love ours. We believe in developing a trusting relationship with our clients and a unique bond with their pet. We believe in creating a guilt-free experience for our clients when they’re apart from their pet. We believe a locally run business can provide better, more personalized pet care than large franchises. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure you feel confident leaving your pets and home in our care by backing each visit with a $1 million insurance policy.


Professional dog trainers. Veterinary technicians. Animal rescue volunteers. Our pet sitters and dog walkers come from all walks of life, but all have one thing in common – an unbridled passion for animals. Pet Gals undergo a rigorous interview process, a thorough background check, and one-on-one orientation before taking on their first visit alone. Every Pet Gal sitter is required to continue their education by attending animal behavior classes and renewing their pet CPR and first aid certification annually. This stringent hiring and education process means our clients are partnering with professional, smart, motivated, and highly responsible pet sitters and dog walkers.

Meet Our Owner

Susan Anderson
Susan AndersonOwner
I worked in telecom, banking, and semiconductors; however, my passion is pets! I quit the corporate world to follow my dream of owning a business tending to the welfare and advocacy of animals. Since I was little, I always brought home bunnies, cats and dogs. I spent hours during summer breaks looking for critters under […]
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Meet Our Team

Debbie M.
Debbie M.Pet Gal Cedar Park & Scheduler
If there were ever a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet, I don’t remember it! As a little girl, I had a dog and a goldfish. (Probably more than one, but I didn’t know the difference!) As I grew up, I added more dogs, parakeets, and cats. In recent years, I […]
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    Joy V.
    Joy V.Pet Gal Round Rock & Wedding Pet Coordinator
    A retail and customer service leader by trade and originally a New York transplant, I currently serve as manager of The Pet Gal’s Wedding Pet Attendant services, a highly unique set of services that enables brides and grooms to have their pets be part of their wedding, guilt free. The team and I have partnered […]
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      Ginger A.
      Ginger A.Pet Gal Cedar Park
      I grew up in a small town in Oregon before moving to Mexico for ten years and finally landing myself here in the Austin area. I am a very busy mother of three wonderfully outgoing energetic human children. I have always loved animals of all shapes and sizes. Growing up I actively participated in 4-h […]
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        Tiffany B.
        Tiffany B.Pet Gal Colorado Springs
        My name is Tiffany Brault. I have two boxers named Lou and Maddox. They are 10 and 4 years old. I also have a 4 year old horse named Cerus. I love animals have all my life!! I’m also a vet tech full time and have been around animals my whole life!! Continued Education and […]
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          Sara F.
          Sara F.Pet Gal South Austin
          Hi, my name is Sara and I’m so happy to be a part of the Pet Gal team! For the last five years I was working in New York at a desk job and decided that lifestyle was just not for me; it left me feeling trapped and unfulfilled. I decided to escape the grind […]
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            Donna C.
            Donna C.Pet Gal Cedar Park
            Hi! My name is Donna Cagle and I am a native Austinite. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Nutrition 37 years ago! I’ve been married just as long and have 4 children, 3 grandchildren, and a senior pup from Austin Boxer Rescue, named Lyric. My life has consisted […]
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              Rebecca R.
              Rebecca R.Pet Gal Cedar Park
              I moved to Austin in 7th grade and have been here since! I have lived in Cedar Park for the past 13 years. I have my wonderful husband and two children. We also have our schnoodle, Mavis, that we got at a local rescue. She brings so much joy to us daily! I have been […]
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                Kimberly S.
                Kimberly S.Pet Gal North Austin
                I have over 10 years of experience working with and caring for animals. I grew up on a homestead in west Texas with lots of different animals. I moved to Austin in 2017 where I currently have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a very diverse garden. I started working with animals at a grooming shop […]
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                  Tabitha G.
                  Tabitha G.Pet Gal Round Rock & Scheduler
                  I was born and raised in Austin and have been an Austinite ever since. Animals are my passion. I started an animal rescue in 2011 to help animals that are often overlooked in high kill shelters. Our rescue also specializes in special needs and behavioral cases. I love working with animals that just need a […]
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                    Liz F.
                    Liz F.Pet Gal Round Rock
                    Hi, my name is Liz and I’m thrilled to be part of the pet gal team! I’m pretty sure my love for animals is imprinted on my DNA. Growing up, our family was always known for being a haven for needy animals of all sorts. Any sick or hungry animal found a loving place to […]
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                      Shelly S.
                      Shelly S.Pet Gal Round Rock
                      Hello to all my Pet Moms and Pet Dads, my name is Shelly. I’m a proud owner of three dogs I have a 10 pound little Snorkie named Shadow, a Pugalier name Crumpet and an Eurasier named Nanook. All my dogs have been found and rescued. My dog Crumpet only had the ability to walk […]
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                        Tara H.
                        Tara H.Pet Gal Cedar Park
                        Hi! My name is Tara, I was born in Austin and raised in Lake Travis. I cannot imagine a time when I didn’t live in a zoo. Taking care of animals has always been a part of my life! I have had big dogs, small dogs, hound dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds, chickens, even a […]
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                          Kirstie Lard
                          Kirstie LardPet Gal Central Austin
                          Hi fellow pet parents! My name is Kirstie and I am a proud dog mom to two wonderful, adorable dogs- Roka & Shasta. Shasta is a feisty, cuddly chihuahua who loves to play with her ball and Roka is a friendly, fun lab mix who has the funniest facial expressions and can play fetch for […]
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                            Kathleen S.
                            Kathleen S.Pet Gal Hutto & Scheduler
                            My Okie heart is full of love for all fur creatures big or small! After marrying a Texan, I relocated to the Austin area from Southern Oklahoma 5 years ago. We were blessed when we found our Anna Bell at a shelter and have enjoyed having her as our fur-child for the last 4 years. […]
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                              Lorraine G.
                              Lorraine G.Pet Gal Colorado Springs
                              Hey there! My name is Lorraine and I’ve been with The Pet Gal since January 2018. I’m a Texas native; born in the small town of Laredo Texas. I recently moved to Colorado Springs in late October for a change in pace, I’ve always been an outdoors kinda gal and Colorado has such beautiful spots […]
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                                Jason F.
                                Jason F.Pet Guy South Austin
                                Hi! My name is Jason. I am a native Austinite, former small business owner, entertainer, meditator, ordained minister, and animal fanatic! As you might have guessed, I have many passions and interests, but nothing gives me greater pleasure and meaning than giving lots of love and care to animals in need and the beloved pets […]
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                                  Supna S.
                                  Supna S.Pet Gal Central Austin
                                  I was born in northeast Texas and moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a young child. I then moved to Austin to attend The University of Texas at Austin for my undergraduate and graduate work. In fact, I have been in Austin nearly 21 years! I grew up with the most amazing and loving […]
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                                    Kyra T.
                                    Kyra T.Pet Gal Kona
                                    Aloha! I’m Kyra, and I grew up wanting nothing more than to spend time with animals. I’ve owned everything from rats and snakes to horses along with cats & dogs. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved out to Hawai’i for school in 2015. I’m a college student at the University of […]
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                                      Susan H.
                                      Susan H.Pet Gal Colorado Springs
                                      Hey there! My name is Susan and have loved animals all my life. I have had the pleasure of working with/caring for them throughout the past 20 years. I have also had the benefit of working in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. I have two kitties now, Basil (12) and Pepper (3) who light up […]
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                                        Jennifer I.
                                        Jennifer I.Scheduler
                                        If you are looking for someone to be there and spoil your pet with love when you have to be away, I’m your gal! I’m a huge animal lover who’s come all the way from Wisconsin to my new home in Round Rock, TX. The special girl in my life is a lab-mix named Callie. […]
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                                          Lynsi M.
                                          Lynsi M.Pet Gal Colorado Springs
                                          I’m Lynsi-Anne from Louisiana, raised in the beautiful four corners of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Where I’m from, you could travel twenty minutes north and be in the Great Colorado Mountains, thirty minutes east and at our Farmington Lake, drive two hours south to view the Continental Divide, or an hour to the […]
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                                            Joellee L.
                                            Joellee L.Pet Gal Round Rock
                                            I have cared for animal friends of many varieties for the past 15 years. Since a young age, I have felt a special bond to critters of all kinds. I have cared for birds, bearded dragons, cats, chickens, dogs, fish, goats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits and turtles. My pet care experience has been for private […]
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                                              Audrey S.
                                              Audrey S.Pet Gal South Austin
                                              Hello animal enthusiasts! My name is Audrey and I’ve been living in Austin for about five years now. I just graduated from Texas State and will be starting a teaching certification program soon! I also received my certification from The Pet Gal Academy in understanding dog behavior and reading dog body language. My boyfriend and I have a […]
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                                                Tammie B.
                                                Tammie B.Pet Gal Round Rock
                                                My name is Tammie Brandon and animal lover doesn’t begin to describe how much I adore animals of all kinds. I grew up in East Texas. Our family always had cats, dogs, rabbits and even horses. My family and I moved to the Round Rock area in 2014 from Houston and fell in love. I […]
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                                                  Lesley M.
                                                  Lesley M.Pet Gal Central Austin
                                                  Hi there Austin Animal Lovers! My name is Lesley. I have lived in Austin for the last 12 years. I am a nurse by trade and I love to care for animals as much as I love to care for people. One of my favorite things about Austin is how animal-friendly it is and how […]
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                                                    Kati L.
                                                    Kati L.Pet Gal Central Austin
                                                    Hello pet parent pals! My name is Kati and I love all the animals! I’m originally from Chicago and moved to Austin in 2015 when a lifetime of winters got to be a little too much. I was sad to say goodbye to my awesome local rescue, One Tail at a Time, but I’ve truly […]
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                                                      Suzanne H.
                                                      Suzanne H.Pet Gal Kona
                                                      Hi my name is Suzanne and I’m super excited to be part of the Pet Gal team! After over 30 years I was finally able to retire from my rewarding career as a school counselor and I am looking forward to being able to work in the pet industry, a true passion of mine! I […]
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                                                        Maria L.
                                                        Maria L.Pet Gal North Austin
                                                        I moved to Austin in 2014 and am proud to call it home! I was born in the USSR and my parents migrated to the USA in 2000. I grew up with pets in our household and have always been around animals. I love getting to know each of their personalities and their funny quirks. […]
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                                                          Kristin V.
                                                          Kristin V.Pet Gal Pflugerville
                                                          Hello, fellow animal lovers & pet parents! I’m Kristin. I spent most of my life in southeast Michigan before my spouse and I moved to Austin, Texas in 2016! We found that we loved the area so much, that we bought a house & settled in Pflugerville in 2017. We currently reside with 3 wonderful […]
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                                                            Stephen J.
                                                            Stephen J.Pet Guy Colorado Springs
                                                            Hi – I’m Stephen, here to help take care of your pets. I like interacting with animals of all kinds and have experience ranging from aquaponic and smart horticultural systems to working as a paramedic. I hope to meet your pet soon!
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                                                              Justin B.
                                                              Justin B.Pet Guy Colorado Springs
                                                              Hi There! My name is Justin Blatner and I’m originally from Texas. I have been a stay at home Dad for five years. I moved to Colorado with my family almost two years ago. We purchased an old farmhouse on almost five acres. Our goal is to live a simplified life with more meaning. We […]
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                                                                Holly A.
                                                                Holly A.Pet Gal Leander
                                                                Hi! I’m Holly and I grew up about 3 hours south of Dallas. I am a single mom of 2 daughters Gabriella (19) and Cameron (17) a. I have a license as an occupational therapy assistant. Currently in my home we have 3 cats – Lola(8),Ginger (16),Oliver (1) and a pet dog Named Ari (5) […]
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                                                                  Gene B.
                                                                  Gene B.Pet Guy Georgetown
                                                                  Some of the best things in my life came when I wasn’t expecting or looking for anything. I was two years out of high school and a blue-collar worker welding in a shipyard when something unexpected happened and I ended up going to college. Having never thought that I could go to college I had […]
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                                                                    Renee A.
                                                                    Renee A.Pet Gal Round Rock
                                                                    Growing up in Southern California, I had the opportunity to work with, care for, and be the pet mommy to, many fuzzy children. I volunteered at the Lang Foundation for homeless-domestic dogs and cats, and also The Wildlife Waystation. Then, joyfully, for four years, I worked at the Santa Barbara Zoo where I cared and […]
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                                                                      Jena G.
                                                                      Jena G.Pet Gal Central Austin
                                                                      Hello! I’m Jena and I grew up in Southern California. I’ve been caring for dogs and cats since I was a child. My family always had lots of animals friends. I also have experience with reptiles and farm animals. I’m honored to be able to take care of your pets while you are away and […]
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                                                                        Claudia C.
                                                                        Claudia C.Pet Gal Lakeway
                                                                        Hi, my name is Claudia and I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I had the privilege to live on a big property in Lima and be surrounded by many different animals including dogs, cats, bird, llamas, and snakes. When I moved to Texas, I decided to continue my love for animals; however, it […]
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                                                                          Danielle G.
                                                                          Danielle G.Pet Gal Round Rock
                                                                          Hello! My name Danielle and I feel so blessed to be a part of the Pet Gal team! I moved to Texas for university after living in Minnesota and California before settling in Round Rock with my husband a few years ago. Over time our little family has grown in the from of one clumsy […]
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                                                                            Amy G.
                                                                            Amy G.Pet Gal Round Rock
                                                                            My name is Amy Gautreaux and I have lived nearly all my life in Central Texas. My family and I have had a total of eight rescue dogs over the last several years, so I have a background with my own pets as well as helping friends family with their pets. I have a lifetime […]
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                                                                              Tamara S.
                                                                              Tamara S.Pet Gal Tamara - Colorado Springs
                                                                              Hi, I am Pet Gal Tamara. My husband and I moved to beautiful Colorado Springs almost 5 years ago. We have been married 21 years and have 2 kids, Brenna, 20 years old and Reece 15 years old. I love skiing, hiking, swimming, cooking, animals, and most of all dogs. I have been volunteering at […]
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                                                                                Nicole F.
                                                                                Nicole F.Pet Gal Georgetown
                                                                                As the saying goes “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as i could!”. After spending many childhood summers with family in Orange and Seguin, I got a taste of ranch life and fell in love with this great state. Originally from Chicago, I’ve lived in the Austin area for a […]
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                                                                                  Lorie T.
                                                                                  Lorie T.Pet Gal Kona
                                                                                  Hi, I’m Lorie and I’m so thankful to now be part of the Kona Pet Gal team! I recently retired from 30 years in law enforcement in Los Angeles, CA and moved to Kona to enjoy an entirely different environment and pace. I have always loved and had many animals in my care, so I […]
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                                                                                    Suzy E.
                                                                                    Suzy E.Pet Gal Round Rock
                                                                                    My name is Suzy Elledge. My love for pets is what sparked me to enter the wonderful world of pet sitting and dog walking. As a kid, I grew up with a household of furry friends – from lots of cats and dogs to having had bunnies at one time! I completely understand how much […]
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                                                                                      Lindsey O.
                                                                                      Lindsey O.Pet Gal Leander
                                                                                      I was born and raised in the great city of Austin and now reside in Leander with my wonderful husband, my precious little girl Kenzie and our 4 amazing dogs/babies. I also serve in leadership with other non-profit animal organizations, so it is my whole world and passion. I know the feeling of wanting to […]
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                                                                                        Susan S.
                                                                                        Susan S.Pet Gal Hutto
                                                                                        Howdy! My name is Susan and I am thrilled to be a Pet Gal. I grew up in the bayous of South Louisiana but have lived in the Austin area for 20 years. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Health Education and love learning and sharing ways to be physically, mentally […]
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                                                                                          Laura R.
                                                                                          Laura R.Pet Gal Round Rock
                                                                                          Growing up on a ranch in South Texas, I was constantly surrounded by many types of animals. I participated in 4-H and horse riding events. My upbringing instilled love of all animals and I have continued to always have animals by my side. They all bring love, joy, and comfort to our lives. I have […]
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                                                                                            Todd D.
                                                                                            Todd D.Pet Guy Colorado Springs
                                                                                            Hi! My name’s Todd. I’ve been working as a Vet Tech for over 15 years. My fiance’ and I have 2 Boxers, a horse, and a Betta named Leonardo. When it comes to caring for pets, there isn’t much I haven’t seen or done! If you’re in Colorado Springs or surrounding area I’d love to […]
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                                                                                              Alma S.
                                                                                              Alma S.Pet Gal Hutto
                                                                                              My name is Alma, I was born in California moved to Mexico about 12 years and finally came back to the U.S.A here in Austin. I currently do not have my baby Nala with me, but she is in good hands with my father in law back in Mexico. I go and see her every […]
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                                                                                                Bernie G.
                                                                                                Bernie G.Pet Guy Central Austin
                                                                                                My name is Bernie and I just moved to Austin from Mexico City. I had a corporate job in the Consumer Products industry. I have always loved being around animals, so this is a natural step for me. I grew up having all kinds of animals: snakes, salamanders, tarantulas, scorpions, a rooster, birds and of […]
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                                                                                                  Claire A.
                                                                                                  Claire A.Pet Gal Pflugerville
                                                                                                  Hi, I’m Claire! I am originally from the small town of Quincy, California – a hidden gem tucked away in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. I grew up surrounded by farmland and forest, so not only were my own family’s pets central to my life growing up but also wildlife and pastured animals. I often […]
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